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I found a cat or dog. How can I find its owner?
Call the Rantoul Police at (217) 892-2103 to find out if the pet has been reported as missing. If so, animal control will attempt to contact the rightful owner(s). If you wish to hold on to the pet for a few days to see if the owner turns up, you should leave a found report. Otherwise you may request that the animal be picked up.

Police - Animal Control

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1. My pet is missing. What should I do?
2. I found a cat or dog. How can I find its owner?
3. When does an animal need to be vaccinated with the Village of Rantoul?
4. What if I have found a dead animal?
5. What if I have a problem with a wild animal on my property?
6. May I own a pot-bellied pig or other exotic animal within the Village of Rantoul?
7. What type of animal calls does the Rantoul Police handle?
8. What are the leash requirements within the Village of Rantoul?
9. What do I do if my animal bites someone?
10. Where is the animal shelter located?

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