Bid Title: EDA Revolving Loan Program
Category: Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
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Village of Rantoul
333 S. Tanner



EDA Revolving Loan Program
Updating Revolving Loan Fund Guidelines


Your firm is hereby invited to submit to the Village of Rantoul (hereinafter “Village”) a Request for Qualifications for updating the Village of Rantoul EDA Revolving Loan Program Guidelines. A successful respondent (or respondent team) will be selected by the Village based on a multi-step process, as described below.

THE VILLAGE OF RANTOUL, ILLINOIS, will accept Statements of qualifications from qualified Firms to identify select and engage a qualified and capable firm or firms to provide consulting services to the village that supports and finalizes updates to the village’s 1993 Economic Development Administration Revolving Loan Fund (EDA RLF) Guidelines.

Submittals will be received until closing time of 5:00 P.M. prevailing time on April 21, 2017 at the Rantoul Municipal Building, 333 South Tanner Street, Rantoul, Illinois. Submittals received after the closing time will not be accepted and will be returned unopened

The Village will make the final selection of the firm or team of firms to perform the proposed services after April 21, 2017. The Village reserves the right to cancel any and all solicitations and to accept or reject, in whole or in part, any and all proposals when it is in the best interest of the Village.

All questions about process and procedure may be directed to Jeffrey A. Fiegenschuh by e-mail at . or by phone at (217) 892-6801. All questions related to the substance of the RFQ shall be submitted Mr. Fiegenschuh as well at the same email address above or in writing (either by e-mail or U.S. Mail). All such substantive questions shall be answered by email to all recipients of the RFP. A copy of the 1993 plan (most current) and the current guidelines from the EDA for updating revolving loan programs is available on the village’s website at


Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund Program



In September, 1993, the United States Air Force closed Chanute Air Force Base which is located entirely within the boundaries of Rantoul, Illinois. The Air Force hired civilian personnel- from the area for over 75 years. The impact on the Rantoul economy included the loss of 2,665 base employees, of which 1,040 lived off base. This loss translated into a 10% increase in local unemployment at the time of base closure. In addition the University of Illinois estimated that Chanute Air Force Base contributed directly to 25% of the total economy. Many additional service sector jobs were lost and never returned due to this loss, especially in the retail restaurant, construction and automobile sales establishments. These industries depended on military and civilian personnel and their dependents for reoccurring business. Decreased activity for these industries has eroded and not returned to their previous 1993 levels. This has caused a large erosion of property values in Rantoul. These stagnant values continue to erode the tax base for the school districts and other taxing bodies, which has led to a stagnant economy in Rantoul with higher than average poverty rates and the highest consolidated property tax rate in the county.
The Village of Rantoul continues to be faced with the challenge of locating new
employers in every sector of its economy to offset those directly or indirectly lost by the base closing in 1993. Rantoul continues to need financial support beyond its present resources to develop additional industrial and commercial recruitment and expansion.
The economic base of the area consists of services sector jobs, education, government and agriculture. The University of Illinois is the largest employer in the region, with Vista Outdoor Sports and Rantoul Foods being the largest employers in Rantoul.

The Village of Rantoul was approved for an EDA revolving loan in the amount of $1,200,000 in 1993, with an emphasis on recruiting and retaining industrial and commercial jobs. As part of its original grant agreement, the village was required to update its RLF guidelines every 5 years. Unfortunately, the village never did this and now is at risk of losing the program all together.



The purpose of this Request for Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is to identify, select and engage a qualified and capable firm or firms to update the original 1993 Village of Rantoul Economic Development Administration Revolving Loan Fund (EDA RLF) Guidelines.

The selected respondent will demonstrate the ability to complete the attached Scope of Work in a manner acceptable to the Village. The village will attempt to negotiate a binding contract for the Scope of Work with the selected respondent promptly after the proposal submittal date. It is anticipated that the contract will require the selected respondent to complete the Consulting Assignment including all required deliverables no later than 5:00 p.m. on June 30, 2017.



OBJECTIVES: This assistance will address needed updates to the original EDA Revolving Loan Guidelines for the Village of Rantoul. Specifically, the scope of work will include:

1) The Consultant will assist in updating the Village’s Economic Development Administration Revolving Loan Fund (EDA RLF) Guidelines and Programming per 13 CFR 307;

2) The Consultant will also help to provide guidance in updating/creating the Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) Plan and assist in creating new strategies, policies, operating rules and administrative procedures for operating the RLF;

3) All updates and changes to be in conformance with all EDA regulations and all RLF Standard Terms and Conditions dated May 1, 2013;


1) A presentation to the Village of Rantoul Board of Trustees and Staff that outlines the final report. .

2) Five copies of the completed draft deliverable to the Village Administrator.

COST OF SERVICES: Respondents should provide a separate breakdown of rates for individuals or firms performing services and reimbursement of expenses.

PRE-Submittal CONFERENCE: A pre-submittal conference will be held for all potential consultant respondents on April 3at 10:00 AM at 333 S Tanner Street, Rantoul, Illinois. The purpose of this important pre-submittal conference is to provide qualifying respondents with detailed background information regarding the project, site tour and to address questions and concerns.

PROPOSAL DEADLINE: Responses to this Request for Proposal must be received by the Village at its offices located at 333 S Tanner Street Rantoul Illinois no later than 5:00 PM on April 21, 2017. Any RFQs received after the time stipulated will not be considered and may be rejected and returned to the respondent. RFQs must be responsive to all requirements outlined herein. The delivery of the proposal to the Village prior to the proposal deadline is solely and strictly the responsibility of the respondent. The village will in no way be responsible for delays caused by the United States Postal Service, Federal Express or other couriers or delays caused by any other occurrence. Fax proposals are not acceptable. The village may, for good and sufficient reason, extend the response deadline, in which case all respondents that have attended the mandatory pre-proposal conference shall be sent notification of the new date and time.

SELECTION PROCESS AND NEGOTIATION: Selection will take place as follows. (1) Proposals: The Village will select one RFQ from among those submitted by the qualified respondents. Further evaluation may include an oral interview with the most responsible and responsive respondents. (2) Negotiations: The village and the successful respondent will negotiate a contract promptly after selection. The contract will provide for the selected respondent to complete the Scope of Work described above in final form by June 30, 2017. If a mutually satisfactory contract cannot be reached with the selected respondent, the village will enter into negotiations with the second-place respondent as determined under the selection criteria.

SCHEDULE: It is anticipated that the solicitation and proposal process shall be conducted in accordance with the following schedule; provided, however, that the village reserves the right to modify this schedule in its discretion or subject to grant award.
Advertisement of RFQ March 22, 2017
Request for RFQ Available March 22, 2017
Pre-Submittal Conference: 10:00 AM April 3, 2017
RFQ due April 21, 2017
Contractor selected: late April, 2017
Contract for services awarded: late April, 2017
All services and deliverables submitted: June 30, 2017

FORMAT OF RESPONSE: To be considered, respondents must submit a complete response to this Request for Request for Qualifications. The format provided in this section is not negotiable. Each proposal must be submitted in seven (7) copies; the original copy must be submitted unbound and suitable for copying. The envelope containing the proposals must be sealed and labeled with the project name and delivered to:

Jeffrey A. Fiegenschuh
Village Administrator
Village of Rantoul
333 S Tanner
Rantoul, Il 61866

Failure of any respondent to receive an addendum or email interpretation of this RFQ shall not relieve the respondent from any obligation under the RFQ. All addenda will become an integral part of this RFQ. The selected respondent shall comply with all Federal, State and local laws applicable to its activities including, but not limited to, 32 C.F.R. Part 33 and 32 C.F.R. Part 28.

CHANGES IN SCOPE OF SERVICES. The village may, from time to time, request changes in the Scope of Work to be performed by the selected respondent. No such change shall increase or decrease the amount of compensation to be paid to the selected respondent unless and until the parties enter into a written amendment to the contract for the Scope of Work.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST. The selected respondent shall be a firm or team of firms that has no conflict of interest concerning its entry into a formal contract with village requiring execution of the Scope of Work described in this request for qualifications. Any potential conflicts of interest must be explained in your proposal.

REQUIRED SUBMITTALS: Each section of your proposal should include tabs that clearly and distinctly label and separate the following required sections.

a. COVER LETTER: Include a cover letter indicating the full name and address of your organization and the branch office or other subordinate element that will perform or assist in performing the services described. Please indicate the name of the senior contract person for your firm or team on this engagement, the office location from which the village will be served, appropriate telephone and facsimile numbers, email addresses and acknowledgment of the ability to commit your firm or your team to the contents of this proposal and any other information you feel to be relevant. Please limit your letter to two pages. Indicate whether you operate as an individual, partnership or corporation or team of any of the foregoing. Include the state in which you are incorporated or licensed to operate. If the respondent is a corporation, then a completed corporate disclosure statement must be submitted with this proposal.

b. BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE OF RESPONDENT: Through a response to the specific requests below, the respondent should clearly state its skills and experience in a manner that demonstrates its capability to complete the consulting task as contained in Part II herein. If applicable, please highlight projects in which members of your proposed development team have worked together.

a. Resumes of personnel (or, if a team, team members) to be involved in the proposed project, including: education and professional licensing, specific relevant experience and specific role in proposed project.

b. A description of the team structure, inclusive of professional background, experience and percentage of time proposed to be devoted to this project.

c. list of 1-3 similar projects worked within the last ten years, including reference names and telephone numbers and

d. Short description of the consultant’s approach to the needs of the project.

c. ABILITY TO COMPLETE DESCRIBED SCOPE OF WORK: Your response to this section should demonstrate your ability to fulfill the Scope of Work listed above.

d. REFERENCES AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION & COMMENTS: Include any other information that you feel is pertinent but not specifically asked for herein. Please also provide personal and professional references that would allow the village to further qualify the respondent’s ability to accomplish the proposed services.


Respondents are required to submit the required certifications from 2 C.F.R. 1326 a Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, and Other Responsibility Matters and form 15 C.F.R 29 a Certification Regarding Workplace Drug free Requirements. These certifications may be inserted into the body of the proposal. A separate attached government form is not required.

f. COST OF SERVICES: : Respondents should provide detailed information regarding total cost for the services proposed under this Request for Qualifications, total costs for each service described in the objectives above, and a separate breakdown of rates for individuals or firms performing services and reimbursement of expenses.

PROPOSAL SELECTION CRITERIA: The village will use a numbered point system (0-5) to grade each selection criteria. The Village shall select a qualified firm from among those submitted pursuant to the following criteria:

1. Amount of experience of the team with similar projects.
2. Breadth of expertise on the team.
3. Demonstrated understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved with a former military base with potential market, environmental and infrastructure constraints.
4. The written presentation skills of the project team as demonstrated in the response to the RFQ.
5. The cost of the respondent’s services.

CONTACT PERSONS: All questions about process and procedure may be directed to Jeff Fiegenschuh by e-mail at (217) 892-6801. All questions related to the substance of the RFQ shall be submitted to the above reference person in writing to 333 S. Tanner Street, Rantoul, IL 61356 (either by e-mail or U.S. Mail) or by email. All such substantive questions shall be answered by email to all recipients of the RFQ.

RIGHT TO SUBMITTED MATERIALS. All proposals, responses, inquiries, or correspondence relating to or in reference to this RFQ and all reports, charts, displays, schedules, exhibits, graph, maps and other documents provided by the respondents will become the property of the Village when received. The Village shall have the right to use any ideas presented in the proposals, whether the proposals are selected or rejected.

DISCLAIMER. The information contained herein is provided solely for the convenience of respondents. It is the responsibility of all respondents to assure themselves that information contained herein is accurate and complete. The Village does not provide any assurance as to the accuracy of any information in this proposal. Any reliance on the contents of this RFQ or any communications with the Village shall be at the respondent’s own risk. The village shall have no liability or obligation with respect to this RFP, or the selection and award process contemplated hereunder. All costs incurred by a respondent in preparing and responding to this RFQ are the sole responsibility of the respondent. All respondents to this RFQ fully acknowledge all provisions of this Disclaimer and agree to be bound by its terms. The village reserves the right to deny any and all proposals. 

Publication Date/Time:
3/21/2017 8:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
4/21/2017 5:00 PM
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