How does your billing system work?
A meter reader from the Public Works Department will read the meters once a month, the date is based on billing area. The readings are then sent to the Utility Billing Office where a report is ran to flag any questionable readings, a work order will be issued to reread the meters and correct readings, if needed. A billing update is then done to process the bills, they are then printed and sent to the post office immediately.

Bills are due 20 days from the print date. If you do not receive a bill please call our office or email us, requesting a copy of your bill. The due date will appear on each billing statement, there will be a two-day grace period from the due date before any late fees are accessed on the account.

Contact our office immediately if there is a dispute in your billing statement. A work order may be issued to recheck the meters and will be returned to our office usually in one or two business days.

If a meter is estimated due to not having access to the meters, the customer can call or email our office with the correct readings, they will be entered on your account according to the billing dates. Please make sure to include name on the account, address, and a contact number.

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