Building Safety Division

The Building Safety Division consist of the following Departments: 

Building Safety Department

The Building Safety Department provides plan review, permit issuance, and field inspection services for all new construction and remodeling in the community. This includes, residential, multifamily, commercial and industrial buildings. 

Property Maintenance Department

The Property Maintenance Department works to improve accountability of all exterior residential and commercial properties within the Village of Rantoul, by upholding property standards specifically designed to enhance residential and commercial property visibility. 

This department enforces all matters dealing with illegal parking on private property, inoperable or unlicensed vehicles, accumulation of trash or debris, grass / weeds growth, graffiti, and a variety of other exterior property maintenance issues.

Residential Registration & Rental Inspection Department

The Residential Registration & Rental Inspection Department oversees the use of residential properties in the community by identifying each property as a rental, owner occupied or vacant property. This department also manages the Rental Registration Program which is responsible for inspecting all residential properties for any life safety concerns.