Hotel / Motel Establishment License

License Requirement

Per the Village of Rantoul Code of Ordinances Chapter 12, Article III "Hotel/Motel Establishments" in order to operate within the Village, all Hotel/Motel Establishments must be licensed with the Village. For a copy of the Ordinance and to view the license requirements, see the attached documents below.

Application Information

The Village Clerk shall take applications for the licensing of Hotel/Motel Establishments with businesses who affirm that they can comply with the Illinois statutes and regulations and with the Village of Rantoul Municipal Code. The application form must be completed in its entirety, and all documentation must be provided prior to receiving the license.

The required documents for licensing your business with the Village are located below. Be certain to read each document in its entirety, and when you are ready to register your business, return these to the Office of the Village Clerk located in Village Hall. Allow three weeks for processing.

License Fee

Each Hotel/Motel Establishment shall be charged an annual fee of $5.00 per room, payable upon the submission of the signed application to the Village Clerk. Licenses expire annually on April 30.


Each Hotel/Motel Establishment is required to provide an insurance certificate with coverage as outlined in the Village Code. Insurance coverage is required for the term of the license.


The Building and Environmental Safety Division will inspect the premises prior to the issuance of a license. This inspection is scheduled by the Village Clerk. A pre-inspection checklist is located below for your convenience.

Your help and cooperation is appreciated. As always, we are dedicated to the citizens of the Village of Rantoul!

Hotel-Motel Establishment License Documentation