Residential Tree Information

Community Beautification

The Village of Rantoul has long benefited from organizations and citizens working toward the beautification of the community through the care and planting of trees. Whether it is the Garden Club, Tree Committee, Beautification Committee, or the multiple departments within the village, the community is committed to an ongoing effort of tree development and care.

The following provides information on landscaping and how it may effect rights-of-way and utility services.

Utility Services

Our entire community is dependent on the services and conveniences provided through safe and reliable electric service. Whether the utilities are overhead or underground, service is compromised by trees planted near or growing into utility lines. Tips for landscaping and the benefits of trees:
  • Plan before you plant!
  • Avoid planting trees directly beneath overhead power lines. This will permit the tree sufficient area to grow.
  • Avoid planting trees and shrubs on underground utility easements. Often the root area is larger than the branch spread above ground and such root systems may damage or restrict sanitary, storm, gas, or electric systems.
  • Select slower growing trees that reach a mature height of less than 20 feet.
  • Plant evergreen trees on the west or north side of the house to offer wind breaks.
  • Plant deciduous (autumn leaf-dropping) trees on the south and /or west side of the house to cool in the summer and allow sun to enter the house in the winter.
  • Call J.U.L.I.E. before landscaping or performing any excavation at 1-800-892-0123.
  • Trees are a source of lumber, food, homes for song birds, and countless products, and they beautify our community and countryside.
  • Trees conserve energy, reduce soil erosion, clean the air we breathe, and help protect rivers and streams. If trees are to provide all these benefits, we need to care for the trees we have.


anizations Involved with the Care and Planting of Trees

  • The National Arbor Day Foundation is devoted to the care and planting of trees and celebrates National Arbor Day each year on the last Friday in April.
  • The Rantoul Tree Commission and Rantoul Garden Club (under the guidance of Lorrain Wirges) work toward the beautification of the community through the care and planting of trees.
  • The Village of Rantoul Recreation Department strives to increase awareness of the benefits of trees, through the care and planting of trees.
  • The Village of Rantoul Department of Public Works oversees the care, pruning or removal of trees on the public right-of-way or on utility easements that may conflict with or compromise utility service to the citizens of the community.